What are different types of drawing styles? – Pencil Drawings Simple Pics

There are two main styles of drawing – realistic drawing and abstract drawing. Both styles will look great on every page.

If drawing, it’s an art form that requires creativity and is about trying a different way of doing something – which may be the best idea in the end.

But, if you are trying to draw with a specific medium, whether it’s paper, or pencil, or a computer drawing software like Illustrator or Photoshop, this is definitely not the best method, because as you’ll soon see, using the right drawing style will not only give you a lot of creative freedom, but also helps you in getting an even more precise painting and drawing.

Now the art of drawing is about a lot of things. But how are you going to see the best way of drawing your page?

There are three main things you need to know in order to draw your page.

The most important is how to draw your target image.

I would not say that your picture is not important to you when it comes to the art of drawing. But it might seem a bit daunting to start drawing your page. That’s because most of the people don’t really know how to draw.

So, the way to really get to know is to make sure that you have your picture, your target image, ready. And then you just need to draw the page from your ideal point of view.

Featuring Realistic Pencil Drawings by Silvio Giannini
With this in mind, let’s talk about the best drawing style or technique – in order to help you in getting a great paintbrush –

2. Schematic Drawing

This is a basic drawing method for beginners. The drawings of the main characters is just done on paper by tracing the shapes of their figures on a paper.

And that’s all that’s needed.

But if your drawing style includes more details, you might want to start using schematic drawing technique. This way, you can include more detailed details, like a different color of the paper, or a different color of the outline of the main characters.

With this technique you can create a better picture than when your drawing style includes more detailed drawing. In fact, you might create an even more interesting image because there is always enough space to express more aspects.

In this kind of drawing, the only thing that needs to be considered is not the shapes but the colors and the shadow under the shapes.

3. Scaled Drawing

This is a different kind of drawing

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