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What are the differences between them? Read on! The three kinds of drawing styles used in this web site: Illustration – or comic art, illustration, collage and/or painting – are the two main forms. They each are very different styles of drawing and have many of the same functions and qualities. They involve the creation of images with simple shapes, which are usually drawn on canvas, or on the computer. It can be done using many techniques; including vector, paint, pencil, paintbrush, watercolor and more. An illustration is also usually produced digitally, which requires an image to be created from a combination of digital graphics which make that image possible. This makes it difficult to have a finished product, which can be reproduced in a permanent medium as an illustration book. There are many other ways to make such an illustration (see more on illustration on the first page). There is no such thing as a non illustrative drawing style. Graphic Design – or graphic, design, illustration, painting and/or illustration – are the other two main forms. Each employs a different approach to drawing, which produces a different image. They combine various media to create both an actual image and what they call an ‘image of form’. In this way, an image can be produced by drawing and shaping a shape, then combining the shape with color, texture, lines, etc.

How are they distinguished, and is that distinction important?
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Drawing Styles and Identifying the Four Forms of Drawing

What are distinct styles of drawing?

As can be seen from the examples above, there are no universal standards in terms of which drawing styles are acceptable or not and which types or brands of art or artwork can be used. The various drawing styles can be differentiated by the way they are used. These are the main styles/styles for illustration and graphic art; graphic, design, illustration, collage and painting. Each of these can be used for different purposes, which means one style can be used to create a drawing book, and another style can be used to create an illustration book, or an illustration painting book. Graphic art (the three forms) uses lines, forms and shapes, but has fewer gradients, and is usually created digitally using computer-aided design software. It contains color for the majority of the time; however, sometimes it can be used with images of various shapes and colors. The use of graphics, and the types of images, can also be differentiated by the manner in which the graphics are presented.

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