What are the 2 types of drawing? – Pencil Drawing 3D For Beginners

In a way, they are very similar in my opinion. There’s just no other way in which to see the world. The first one is in the physicality of the form and the second one is in its appearance in colour. As far as we know, we were already familiar enough with the first one, where colour stands behind form and the form remains in its basic form regardless of its colour. However, colour is a type of information that is available only to the viewer after the fact. It is very similar to what you get from a video-game video, such as in the first “Tropical Island” for the Atari 2600. The image in the video-game is just a flat piece of black and white text. The colours are not used in any specific way. As we see here, colour is always there, but it is often hidden.

The other thing I found surprising is the relation between our perception of the world as it’s being perceived by our eye (for we also have a “sensory cortex” in our brain that senses everything we feel, etc.) and the way in which we think about objects, which are generally based on some kind of representation of the structure of the world. I have found it difficult to explain this to myself, so here’s a diagram that may help:

The blue line is called the “sensory view” of an object (a “blackboard” for example) and the lines in the centre representing things that we do perceive (the lines in the middle represent the information of which way we face, or what colour our shirt is, or the orientation of our hand). This is not a “view” per se, but a representation (a “vector representation” of the world). In some sense, though, we can say that the “sensation” is in part a “picture” or “model” of the world (and we think so, but there is no difference between a picture or model, there is a difference between a picture and a model). It’s like the way we make paintings:

A) we make a model of the world based on what we perceive

b) we make a model of the world based on a list of colours of some kind

c) we then construct our “vision” that takes all of this information (red, white, yellow, green, blue etc.), along with our own subjective perception, about the world and uses it as a guide for a painting that we have

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