What are the 3 types of pencil? – Simple Pencil Drawings Sunset

1 – The pencil has a flat edge on one side. Usually a thin line or a thin spot (which makes it a “no-see”). As you read this you will see that the sharp section of the pencil is not quite straight through, so that you can see only the back edge of your piece.

2 – The pencil has a round or oval shape to it, so that the back of your piece can see the outside of it. Some of the pens that I carry say on the box that the pencil has this type of shape.

3 – The pencil has an edge to it, and its back is flat all the way through. This pencil is considered to be a perfect pencil for those who want something smooth and precise.

If you need a very thin line to draw an image with pencil, or you are a pro, a pocket sharpener, just pick up a fine line pencil, but do not pick up this type of pencil. If you need a very sharp line to draw an image with pencil, a pencil sharpener should be purchased. This pencil does not have a round shape to it, but does have a thin and sharp line to it, that works a treat for many occasions. It does not mean that it is a better or inferior pencil.

Why not a regular pencil?

I cannot stress this enough, if you are a professional painter that draws a lot of small line sketches, or if you do not draw as many big, detailed drawings for business or pleasure, a regular pencil is your best choice. I have not been able to find a professional that prefers this type of pencil, and when I did, he thought that its sharpness and weight was bad for my drawing. This is because he felt that this type of pencil does not provide a level sharpness, it gives you a little more detail but doesn’t provide the depth or clarity of detail you have come to need.

If you are someone seeking a very fine line to draw an image with, then a Pocket Sharpener pencil is the best pick for you.

Do you know the difference between regular and Pocket Sharpener pencils?

So you are wondering whether to use a regular pencil, or a pocket sharpener to draw your lines in pencil? The most obvious difference is the color, although the same size, size, weight, sharpness, etc, of a pencil is not always the easiest thing to discern.

Do You Need a Sharpener for Pencil

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