What can you draw when your bored? – Watercolor Pencil Drawing Ideas For Beginners

A boring car, for example. With the addition of a few new features and a few cool additions, the new Android Auto App on the 2015 Hyundai Elantra could be a steal. It’s a simple as putting your phone where you’ll find it most of the time, which means it’s easy to forget that even in the middle of nowhere, it’s still a car.

The main advantage of the App is that it’s a simple way to get around. In most circumstances, most people already have the car that they want to drive. The App provides your next car, with all its features, and you simply select it when you want to get the hell out of your driveway. Now you just need to put everything else aside so you can concentrate on driving.

One of the more neat features that the App provides is the ability to share your next car to your family or other friends through our Android Auto Messages app. The App uses Google Hangouts and text messages to communicate the location of your car, in case you need to share the same place with someone else.

Other people can view your next car with your Google Maps map. We’ve even seen it shown in Google Earth and even on Google Waze. Google Hangouts is a great way to meet other users in person and has a variety of features including private messaging and video calls.

Google Maps and Hangouts are great to work from as well, and with Android Auto’s AutoShare functionality, you can share your next car with the world with one quick tap of your finger.

AutoShare provides the capability to post and receive text messages, voice mail and YouTube videos. The video calls also utilize a special camera app that helps you see on the outside of the car where you’re talking to your passenger.

I can only think that someone would be able to take advantage of this feature while driving, since it uses the video capture on the device (with WiFi connectivity) to share everything you say to each other.

While this car is currently only available in the U.S., the Hyundai Elantra’s Android Auto App may become available in other markets soon. If you want to try it out for yourself, click here. But if your local Hyundai dealer isn’t selling the Elantra and you’re just too lazy to go out and buy it, feel free to wait a few more months and see if you can get one, and then you can buy it when you find the one that you want.

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