What do you call a drawing of a person? – Pencil Drawing Peacock Feather

Well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s like a picture of a person’s head. It has no particular meaning. It doesn’t tell you anything. So I call it a drawing.

The reason this is so important to learn is because once you learn about the nature of what it is to be a person, all of this becomes obvious. You can be sure you are in the right frame of mind to deal with issues like this in your life. Not only that, you will see how it is possible to make a personal difference in your own life. This is a great way to help you do so.
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For example, suppose you are on a day out with your friends. Some of them are really funny. They are great entertainers who you can really get to know and enjoy. Or you may have met a beautiful chick and you’re wondering how your luck with your first date is going.

Your response is most likely going to involve some sort of funny quip. That’s probably the best way, you’ll probably tell your friend the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. Or maybe you think it’s just a joke that you’ve heard many other people say. Whatever the case, your friend is happy to get to laugh at it with you. And that’s just as good, if not better than a punchline. To the other person it may be a bit of a shock.

The important thing here is that you’ve been given permission to make a little light of things. Why not? You’ve all spent a lot of time together and you all know they’re all funny. And it’s not your fault that they are. After all, they’re not a joke. It was a joke! Or you may have just made the best friend in the world laugh. You’ve done something really nice and positive in your life—anything to make someone laugh. Now it’s their turn to laugh.

So what’s that got to do with being a good friend? Well, think about how you want to approach this situation. If you want to be the kind of friend who makes someone laugh by giving them some lighthearted, funny little comment, or joke, then you should probably avoid this whole friendship thing. It’s just going to hurt.

The good thing about making light of it is that you have nothing to say. If you’re being sarcastic about something, then you must really believe it to be true.

So what’s the answer? You need to

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