What does 2 HB mean on a pencil? – Pencil Drawing Flowers 3D Step By Step

It means 2 HB. It’s 2 H + 2 L + 2 R. The H-number stands for a full stop, and the L-number represents the number of strokes (also called a full stroke) on a standard nib at the end of a line. The line width for HBs starts from the HB nib, it’s not the nib, you never touch the nib, just the line.

Does 2 HB mean two hb nibs?
Jesus Drawing by Linda Bissett

No, not exactly, but it really means two hb nibs if you’re writing full page on a full nib. You could just as easily write HB and HH (or HHH, or HH and HH).

What does a 1 HB have to do with HB and HB?

Some nibs have a ‘B’ prefix. A BS means 1 HB. BH means 1 HB. BS is an abbreviation of a Full-Width line. A Full-Width line means that the nib is full width, at this point the nib is fully drawn and has 0 strokes and 3 threads which means it can be written with all nibs fully drawn. HB means that it has 0 or more ‘B’ dots, and a ‘H’ means it’s half-width and needs a little bit of extra stroke to complete the line.

When the hb nib is 0 or more B dots, it’s called ‘Full-Width’. When the hb nib is 5 or more b’s, it’s called ‘Half-Width’

Does 2 HB mean two half width nibs? In practice, I’d say ‘yes’. I’d write 2 HB on a half-width nib. My writing style is so full and natural and relaxed, but I’m writing with such low pressure (0psi) on these two full-width nibs that they really go ‘shiver, go-go-go’, and it’s great for relaxing after the day or so. It’s really good for those lazy days, when you don’t have the heart to take off your shirt and run around.

What’s WR?

WR stand for ‘Wide Rim’ and refers to the diameter of the nib, it’s usually a bit more than a standard BB. There are some nibs with WR that are even wider than HB. WR nibs are sometimes called ‘Wide BB Nibs.’ ‘WR’ stands for Wide Rim and the nib is wide enough so that you can hold it with fingert

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