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2 HB means “2 in the box” – a pencil with two identical boxes side by side.

The box is where the pencil comes from. The box is the same as the pencil in that it is made of white paper, a small rectangular box with a hole for your pencil head and two paper clips coming out of one side. When you take a pencil out of that box, your pencil takes on 2 HB, so each pencil would have two boxes at that, 2HB,2HB,2HB,2HB,2HB,2HB etc…

We normally write 2 HB in the middle of the box. Then we put a pencil into the box.

2 HB does not mean that there are two boxes on the pencil. 1 HB says that there are two holes in the pencil, but only you and your pencil know how many boxes there are. So you do not have to be a genius to know how many boxes there really are.

This is a diagram:

A 2-Hole Pencil

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