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One may refer to the works of H.G. Wells for such a definition of “isometric sketch.” The term “isometric sketch” was first used by a German professor of anatomy [2].

Isometric Sketch isometric (IS) is a type of sketch of an anatomical drawing which has an initial outline and a later section drawn from a sketch or from the original sketch. It can also be a pencil drawing or even a drawing made with a paper made with markers. The difference between pencil and isometric is the initial plan that is drawn with the pencil.

Definition of isometric sketch

According to Wikipedia, “isometric sketch is a diagram of a living being drawn by drawing its outline before drawing it with the pencil.” It seems that the dictionary is more clear on what is IS does. What is the difference between the two?

An example of an IS sketch

Another example of an IS sketch is a drawing from a 3-D model that can be considered as a isometric sketch [6].

A description

IS isometric sketch is best illustrated by some examples.

Hablamocetus is an animal that lives in forests in North America. It is believed that this animal was not born as humans and evolved to a certain extent in the forests.

In the picture above the animal is walking towards the forest and then it begins to climb a tree to get there.

Hablamocetus was an adult animal and so it was a little bit on a higher part of the tree.

Since it climbed a higher part of the tree, it got higher and so eventually began to approach the tree itself.

And so on, until it reached the apex of the tree but stopped. At this point it reached down and held its forelegs above the tree and started to climb down.

Now the forelegs of the animal were no longer holding the tree at an extreme angle to its body. It would climb down by bending the legs. This movement was done with a great agility and agility was shown by the ability to reach its limit of climbing down the tree before falling.

And to reach their limits, the hind legs were used too. The tail, which was not used at all before was used to turn the animal by its momentum and so it continued to climb down the tree as it kept on bending its legs.

As the animal reached the climax of the movement, it stopped the climbing movement by

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