What is a 2b pencil for? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

If you’re an artist who uses the 2b pencil, use it for pencil sketches to get an idea of what you want a character to look like in an illustration. Keep your line sharp, and don’t let it become too soft or you’ll ruin the drawing.

Now, let’s see an example:

There is not much room for error with drawing, especially when it comes to character features, so in some cases you may be tempted to use just one or two of those pencil lines. However, the pencil line needs to be very fine. Try to stay on 3mm or 4mm.

Inspect a pencil sketch to understand what it is trying to tell you and what it can be used for. Once you’re certain about the style and size you want, pick the pencil that’s best suited for that, and follow the instructions to the letter.

A very simple example:

You can see from his hand that they’re not too keen to work together; he really likes the more detailed lines that this one has. So, let me be the one to draw it out:

The only issue we have is that his hands are too big to do this job (which we all understand), but you can still enjoy it anyway. It’s OK in some ways; it adds a few details to the line and is a good way to get your ideas flowing.

A more complex example:

Here’s where you have an extra thing to worry about: his eyebrows. These are supposed to be a strong, expressive part of his face, but he really doesn’t like them. The first pencil line I used was too small to catch them, so I added another one, a second pencil, with the same result but a bit bigger, and then he was happy again 😉

A common mistake people make with the 2b technique is to simply use the pencil for the entire line, especially if using a 2b pencil for pencil sketches. This is totally silly, but it happens a lot. There are no rulebooks on how to draw the eyebrows; it’s completely out of your hands, so just trust your instincts. Take your time with it, and try to do it right.

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