What is a 2b pencil for? – Pencil Sketch Drawing Images Of Nature

It is an alternative to the 2C pencil in that it makes a sharp hole in the middle of the pencil instead of just making a point.

How is the 2b pencil different from the 2C pencil?

The 2b pencil is not the same as the 2C pencil. One does not make a point at the bottom of the pencil and then use the back side to make a notch at the centre for a pencil.

Why should I get a 2b pencil?

In order to draw clearly, one needs to use a pencil which holds a clear point. An alternative to this is to use the 1b pencil which makes a sharp hole but does not give you a true point which you then use to fill the empty space.

2c pencils

2c pencils are sometimes called the 4c pencils because they provide a sharp or rounded hole. They are most commonly used with paper which has thick papers. The 4c pencil can be used with any ink or toner, as long as it has not been processed or dried out.

The 2c pencil is used to draw a straight line from the top of the paper to the edge of the pencil.

Why should I get a 2c pencil?

2c pencils are best used with thin papers and paper with a wide spread which gives you a large hole. They will be best for the smaller areas of an artwork that have little to no visible detail such as fine details or very small or non-symmetric lines. They are good for drawing in and for highlighting areas of a pencil which are difficult to draw accurately (such as the back part of a pencil, or the curve of a curved line).

Why can’t I use a 2c pen or pencil?

Because they have their own sharp hole, you need to either get a 2C pencil, or buy a 2b pencil. If you have an old 2c pencil with a sharp hole in it then you may find that its sharpness is not what you are aiming for. A 2b pencil is better for small areas of an artwork where the sharpness of the pencil can be used. 2c sharp pencils are also more difficult to manipulate than 2b pencils, so they may not work as well if you want to draw things which are very large, large or exaggerated.

The bottom line is that one need to use two pencils if you are drawing an exaggerated or large surface and

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