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A pencil drawing is a drawing of the actual object that a person wants to see with their own eyes. They do not create a drawing of a specific shape or size. One form of drawing called a pencil drawing is called an archival drawing. It is a drawing that represents a specific time or particular location and in which one has an idea about how things looked or are happening.

What is an archival drawing?

Archival drawings are usually drawings made from a limited collection or materials. Their purpose is to preserve or document a particular event.

What is the difference between a photograph and a drawing?
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A photograph is a picture that has been taken in physical form, usually at a specific size, with the photographer’s exacting focus on the subject. A drawing is a pictorial representation made of a specific material.

What is a digital image?

Digital images include drawings, slides, photographs, and videos, all of the images made by computers or devices on computer and mobile devices.

Is there anything that you don’t have?

Our goal is to allow every type of visitor to enjoy our facility in a unique way. We work hard to bring you the best selection and experience possible. We do not have the ability to create a special experience for a specific type of person or event. We do, however, have the ability to create something new with the best tools available.

What does that mean?

The term “digital image” refers to any media that is stored electronically without any physical object associated. For example, a digital image is one that is created by means of computer technology on a computer or mobile device.

Why can’t you give out any more information about what to do at the Park or what you might see if you visit?

This is a long-term partnership, and one that we have to do in order for the City and Visitors Bureau to continue to grow our business. In order to maintain or grow as a business, the partnership must be a mutually satisfactory one for both sides of the partnership.

Is there a time limit on how long I can stay?

The time limit will be from 4pm to midnight on Saturday, July 19th, as well any day before or after that.

Where do I park?

The entrance to the site is at the corner of E. Main Street and E. State St. There are two lots, just across the street from each other, as

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