What is a pencil drawing called? – Pencil Drawing Landscape

It’s called a pencil drawing. The idea is that you draw something and it’s a pencil. It’s like a black and white photograph or a black and white printout of a picture.

Now, you can draw anything you want on a blank piece of paper—it’s pretty easy to do, once you know how to do it. Just take pencil to paper. If it was any other drawing material, you’d take a brush and use it to draw on paper. But if it’s a drawing, you use a pen. You draw something with a pencil.

So basically, a pencil drawing is a piece of plastic paper that you can use to do drawing on. So if you did a picture on a piece of paper and you left it on the ground you could just put the piece of paper down and get back up and put the pencil out on it. And if you went back up the stairs and started drawing you could have some drawing on your paper, or you could draw with a pencil.

And you’d have to do all this in a specific order because what you do on paper is just like what you do on a little cartoon. You put the pencil down and you draw the picture—it gets bigger and bigger like cartoon.

As soon as you start this drawing you can’t stop it. You start drawing it, because that’s what you see on the big screen and how you’re familiar with. So you’ve got to do it the same way. So you start drawing it again, and then you start doing things on an outline on this drawing, and these drawings do go on for a long time.

Basically what you have is a piece of paper and you put the pencil over it and you just draw.

But the way I learned to do this is I have this large piece of paper with me. And it’s really big, really big—it seems big, I mean I have it out of that chair, and then we’re talking thousands of lines on the piece of paper. And it’s a long time, but it’s also very simple. I don’t have to learn to draw from a book. Not at all. It’s really easy because everything’s pretty clear about how to do it.

I know that’s not the most efficient but it’s very intuitive, actually.
Amazing Pencil Drawings By Henrik

What kind of drawing do you do when you do your drawing?

You try to draw whatever you want on the blank piece of paper

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