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If the answer is no (for example, one-sided drawings), try this exercise: You draw a picture that resembles the world in your mind. Now ask a friend or family member to write a description of the drawing. When they have finished their description, ask them to describe its appearance in a third-person voice. Then ask them about it.

One-sided drawing (see Figure 2).

One-sided drawing with a pencil.

Figure 2. One-sided drawing with a pencil. Figure 1. The diagrammatic version of an one-sided drawing.

It is very important, however, that the third person’s description of the drawing is honest. When you are drawing a picture, you need to draw the character’s features not just at a glance but at the scale of the photograph. But that’s a whole other subject.

So how can you be sure your third person is right? How do you know it is right? It turns out that it’s difficult to read a third person if the person does not have a third person. As a result, there are two methods by which you can be sure that your third person is telling the truth when you’re not seeing it with your own eyes.

One method is to take photographs of the subject before you ask the third person. I have shown you how to do this in a previous chapter. Now let’s see how to use it when you are drawing photographs.

The diagrammat-drawing technique

One way to be sure of the third person’s accuracy on your drawings is to take and analyze photographs from a distance. Suppose you have four photographs on your table and a pen in your pocket. Look at them one after the other–all of them if not all at the same moment–and make sure that each has an identical photo of each of the four subjects of the diagram.

Now take them, one after the other, to a second room, away from the table, and bring their photographs together by putting them into a box for each person. (You can put the boxes in a drawer with other items on the shelf if you are using them as pens.) Keep repeating this process until you have photos that are not only identical but also have the same third-person observer. This means that any third person you can see in the pictures has to be telling the truth if and only if the person in the photo is telling the truth. It is important, however, that the third person’s description

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