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A pencil made of a thing like a pen, or some other material which I have never seen in a box and for which I never tried to make one.”

The first clue that his story had to be something odd was the way he described his pencil as having a “little box attached to the end where the handle ends.” It would seem that the box was simply some tiny piece of metal that he used to hold the pencil. This is a plausible explanation. The question is: why did his mother make one when she did not have the experience to make many? If so, the story is quite mysterious.

The other clue: the date. The story appears to have first been published in April, 1875. That is nearly twenty years before the invention – a few years before the introduction – of the first pencil in 1889, according to the National Museum of American History.

How did the story start? The story does not explain why so many people thought that the pencil must be a device made by the devil and of special supernatural power. The story is just that: a story. The pencil does not explain why people did what they did, but it certainly did not explain why it was good. The story is also odd because the origin of what is supposed to be an instrument of torture is not a mystery at all, although it does not seem to have any clear answers to those questions.
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There is more speculation. Some people seem to believe that children are somehow given supernatural abilities by being given pencils. The story seems to be that when children are given pencils, they are compelled to write down their dreams and impressions on the paper so that they may later be able to control them. Some believe that children may actually write out the voices of those they do not like with their pencils and then use the power of their voices and those dreams as a basis for torturing their tormentors by drawing upon their dreams and drawing upon the dreams of their tormentors. The story also suggests that children may even see the devil in other parts of the world and use that power to torment those who would do them harm.

If the reason there was such a great demand for pencils was because children were being given a tool of terror to be used against them in some bizarre ceremony, then one would have thought that the demand would be met with either a limited supply or an all-out ban on all pencils. One theory that has been put forward is that pencils were invented to prevent children from being tortured

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