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A pencil is made with a special composition of metal and plastic that are molded into a solid block (usually of aluminum). The inner surface is a thin, thin layer of carbon fibre bonded tightly with a thin layer of metal. This combination of layers causes the pencil to have a specific thickness of about 1.4 mm (0.7 in.)

In general, pencils will only work if you have a soft enough palm to use them. Most people tend to have a more pliable palm than paper makes them.

Is a pencil really an object, or is it a shape for a material?

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While a pencil can be described as a geometric shape, this is an oversimplification and is best kept to the confines of physics. Many pencils are actually very precise forms of geometric shapes. (i.e. the shape of an ellipse in the plane of a compass rose-tinted mirror.) Some pencils are indeed geometric shapes made of glass, plastic or metal that are designed to be used as an object without the use of plastic as a material.

In the recent documentary, The Big Lie, the topic of climate change came up more than ever, with numerous people asking questions about “facts” and “reality.”

Climate change is a “hoax,” and the scientists who study it are “frauds,” says David Suzuki.

“You need a lot of facts to know you can’t prove it,” he said on “The Steve Deace Show.”

David Suzuki was on The Steve Deace Show to talk about his latest book, “The Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming.”

Suzuki gave Deace a quick primer on the book, his history of fighting against the tobacco industry and its campaign to control the public’s view of scientific information about cancer, smoking and other social issues, and his new book, “The Truth About the Climate: The Story So Far, the Reality Could Be Worse.”

Suzuki’s recent book has been a hit in a big way.

The book, Suzuki says, is “the most compelling rebuttal of disinformation I have ever seen. I have never seen a book so forceful in its rejection of disinformation, especially when you can see it coming from the other side.”

Listen to the interview to hear his thoughts about the film “The Big Lie.”

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