What is basic drawing? – Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques

Basic math.

Drawing a circle: the easiest way is to start from the square at the bottom, then trace down to the top. Then trace in the opposite direction (the top circle is now at the bottom), continuing to the top circle.

Drawing an ellipse (or any other shape): the simplest way is to take a square, and trace that back down to the top. As you trace along, add in new lines that trace out in that same square, until the resulting shape is the ellipse you drew in step 1. As you trace, keep adding new lines that trace in the same square, until the resulting shape is the ellipse you drew in step 1. Finally, the end result will be at the top circle you drew in step 1, along the lines of lines in the new ellipse.

The following video (warning – slightly graphic content!) will show you this:

Now that you know basic drawing concepts, go forth and let them run. Use the examples on this page and in the “Drawing an Ellipse” video to learn more about how the three functions work.

What’s Next?

This website gives you a great deal of math for both adults and kids, with exercises for both ages. Some of the things you learn from the site are:

What’s the difference between “pointing”, “rectangular area”, “rectangular perimeter”, and “arcs”?

All numbers with fractions in them?

The rules of probability.

How to draw 3D shapes.

How to draw a circle.

Canonical angles.

I hope these web pages will be some great tools to your computer, classroom, classroom board, or any other place you have a computer!

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