What is difference between drawing and sketching? – Cool Pencil Drawings Pinterest Easy Hairstyles

A: If you need to represent a thing with your mind while you’re taking pictures, a sketch is usually not as helpful; you don’t get a perfect idea of what’s going on, and the resulting drawing (if you want it to look good) isn’t very accurate. Drawing is useful in that it gives you an idea of how the thing is going to look, while sketching or painting allows you to see exactly how the thing is going to look. When I’m doing sketches and paintings I often do them to the best of my ability: trying to get a feel for the shapes and colors (the sketches usually have an imperfection where I put the pen); making sure they’re clear/flat so I can see the lines I’m trying to draw or paint; the more difficult I make them, the clearer the drawing will be that evening.

Is pencil versus marker the same thing?

A: Although different in many ways, there are actually two different kinds of marks (pens and markers) as well as two different processes of drawing/painting; both of which are different and can be quite different. For instance, an artist like Jackson Pollock had a special pen called the Pencil. The pen allowed he could produce a smooth and thin line without smudging (the pencil is the equivalent). As a rule you don’t need to use a stylus to draw; a finger helps a little. However the line on a page will be different; drawing on a table or in a sketchbook is very different; drawing on a wall allows you to see what you’re working with and how it will look. I use markers to trace the figure as I’m describing it and then when I’m showing my assistant I use a palette knife to do a “thick” pencil mark.

What happens when I go dark?

A: It doesn’t take very long before your brain gets tired. And what happens when you’re tired is that you don’t understand what you’re feeling. You’ll try to compensate by pushing more and more and it will just wear you out. So the best way to get ready for a dark session is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Sleep, an hour or so every day (I’ve actually found that being at the table in front of the fire with the fire off is great for getting into the mood). Exercise, don’t forget exercises like stretching (the stretches allow your muscles to relax during sessions). Do your best to do light mental arithmetic

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