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Free drawing for students of all ages, with a maximum cap of $100 per month. Free drawings give a child the opportunity to make a good impression and give them an understanding of the art of drawing before school begins. Students who pay $40/month also earn a small honorarium and a “Graphic Arts Project” sticker.

For more information, call 306-775-2455 or email artclinic@calgary.ca.

The Calgary Art Centre offers free arts classes. Classes range from painting and drawing to writing and drawing, and include an art gallery, crafts, a food court, a kids’ play area, a children’s book and music. For more information call 403-266-4604 or visit www.calgaryartcentre.com.

I recently visited my family in a small town near Toronto, Canada. I had a good chance of spending a great amount of time there, and wanted to take a few pictures out of the comfort of my home office.

The scenery was beautiful, the wind whipped the grass around me just as the sun slowly set off the horizon. The city was peaceful and the street people seemed oblivious to the beauty of the surrounding town.

We met up with our good friend Chris, who is taking a trip to the nearby beach where we were staying.

Chris is a member of a local rock band called ‘I’ve Got One.’ Our friend said he was excited about the music we were to be seen playing.

We invited him to join us on the beach for some fun. There are lots of beaches here in the city, but this was the first I’d spent the time looking at the views and the beautiful scenery and not worrying about the weather.

The music and we walked along the beach, with a little breeze, enjoying the sound of the waves and the sounds of the sea.

TAMPA — As they were leaving the arena, Michael and Kristie and a few others asked Mike the coach what exactly did “they” want to talk about at the end of Tuesday’s game? It wasn’t the score or anything, it wasn’t even about whether they could finish out the season. It was the game they couldn’t win.

They had been at the tail end of a disappointing season that started with the team’s first win at The Garden but went downhill from there. On Wednesday, Mike had a chance to explain his disappointment, to thank the fans who had put their trust in him

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