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Live sketching consists of the art of taking the audience in the moment—the show, the actors, and the writers together, and making them feel real and active through the use of voice over, body language, performance, staging, and lighting.

Most of the time live sketching is done with actual actors; however, it is common for other creative people to play the characters—and even non-actors—to create this effect.

Live sketching is a form used in the comedy world to bring real life drama to the table with an audience.

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How does the live sketch process work?

Live sketching begins by having actors, writers, artists, and other collaborators take the audience on a journey of thought through the act of creation of the act. Actors and other creative collaborators create the dialogue. They use voice to play parts, play the part of the characters, play the scene around them with their bodies, or improvise on set while recording and/or in the studio.

It’s the way these creative people live (and laugh and act, and sometimes lose their brains and even break things) in the moment to create the magic.

For example, actor James Belushi has the ability to create any character he ever wanted and the ability to draw them onto a board, with chalk and glue.

If you want to see him perform Belushi or one of his many characters, check the YouTube channel of one of those amazing comedic personalities.

Live sketching allows you to capture your thoughts or emotions, express yourself, and show your creativity.

What are the different stages of live sketching?

Stage 1: Taking The Audience In The Moment

While this first stage of a live sketch is in the actors’ control, it is still in the actors’ hands to choose the scene, tone, and story.

Usually a scene takes a minimum of 10-15 minutes to capture. The actor or team member chooses how long it should be as the audience takes in the event with what they are seeing happen.

During this stage the actors and/or the collaborators are improvising (usually on set) or they are improvising the parts of the scene that they will play.

When the act is complete, the actors or collaborators give the audience a real, personal, and genuine reaction while asking them to do what they are thinking, feeling, and seeing.

Live sketching is about giving the audience

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