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To illustrate a sentence, use the word “picture” immediately before the sentence, as in “Picture this, picture this, picture this, picture this, picture…” This makes sure the visual components of a sentence (which might include the noun or the verb) are immediately identified and understood. The same technique is essential for writing. (This may also be called “visual communication.”) For example: “Picture this, picture this, picture this, picture this” (the first one is illustration and the last one is verbal communication). To illustrate a sentence, the writer will put an icon (a picture) in the center of the sheet. This is the word “picture” written in the middle of the sheet and the line with the icon immediately beneath it. In our example, we will only have two icons (with the exception being the pen) but all the sentence should seem to be written in one word.

In “writing” (that is, talking or thinking) the same technique applies. You will have an icon (that is, a picture) that indicates that you are going to have a word to convey. After this, you use a symbol. For example: “I wrote this with my pen.”

In a letter to a newspaper, in a newspaper article, or in a letter to your friends:

Use only the words that you will read about in the newspaper.

In the letter, do not give the person your name and just say “Mr. Jones” or “Mrs. Jones.”

In the article, give a paragraph showing your career history and tell the story.

Your goal in writing something about yourself or your work?

The most important job is communicating your ideas and desires. The most important thing to do is to read your work and to make it memorable for you and for others — but do not stop here. You are allowed to write about your own experiences, your family and friends, your hobbies, your opinions, your ambitions. Write everything that seems important.

Now, I am not saying that you must write only about everything that you love — for example, you love to travel. But writing a book or a movie or a poem about something is just fine.

In “writing” you will get ideas about how to use writing to be more creative and learn new ways of thinking. A lot may sound great and all of it may be great, but there is no guarantee of success.

Do you have a story to

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