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My biggest recommendation is a Sharpness pencil. They are incredibly cheap and they are good for drawing really small lines. My go to pencil is a sharpness pencil and then a good graphite colored pencil. A good graphite colored pencil should be around $15 and about the same thickness if your drawing isn’t really pretty. I usually use the Graphite pencil and then take my black Sharpie markers with me. After creating my first line, then I will start adding more with the sharpness pencil. I find that my lines are very clean, my pen is almost never smudged, and it’s always a pleasure when I do a drawing with just my pencil and marker and never need to worry about my marker.
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I know that you are also using different colored pencils to create different effects from ink in your drawings (e.g. shading) do you also use the same colored pencils for all your artistic materials?

To use different colors to express emotions and things to do with light and lightness is something that I’ve been doing for the last several years. The hardest part of the process has been learning to use all the colors simultaneously and to really understand the differences in the light and color. I’ve been spending a lot of time practicing with different colors. Each time I start using different colors to draw a character, I find the process of creating something new really fun and the result is so much nicer than starting from scratch.

I just did a drawing of a lady on a subway station with my pencil and a blue marker, and I actually like it a lot. I found the result quite dramatic and I am definitely going to use the same colors when doing other projects.

You have also drawn portraits using your Sharpness pencil in the past, can you describe why that method is so successful?

I had always found it difficult to draw in pencil. I had been using a color pencil and ink pencil method to draw in until about a year ago where I realized it was just so much easier to draw in pencil because I could simply use a Sharpness pencil and a graphite colored marker. I think that I like sharpness because it brings you closer to the line that you want to achieve. I also really like that I work differently with sharpness pencils. There are so many different colors and colors can make up for so much! I find the process to be much different when drawing in the Sharpness pencil than I do in the Sharpies. One thing I found when

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