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The darkest graphite pencil by far is the graphite pencil by Michael Hartt, which was invented in Germany in the late 1930’s (1940’s?) using a very low-density form of graphite. Hartt was influenced by the use of this “heavy” pencil in science (the “dark” color of graphite is indicative that the pencil is made of a low-density form of graphite). The graphite pencil by Hartt is a different shape than a pencil by Pencil. To the eye, graphite pencils appear to be very dark, which is because their density is very low – the density, to the eye, of graphite (like chalk, or graphite-like clay, or graphite in the sense of the density being very low). For any given size graphite pencil, the pencil you have in your hands can have a density of 20 to 30 to 40 times higher or lower than the density of chalk. So, for our purposes, we’ll keep our graphite pencil in mind when we talk about density. The graphite pencil in the Pencil sketch, which we’ll see in the next chapter, is a good example of a pencil with a density of 20 to 40 times lower (in this case, about 1/2 to 1/3 as high). So graphite pencils are not really any darker than pencils with the same density.
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For more information about pencils, here is a table of pencils used in science. To get a larger number of pencils in our sample, we will need to pick numbers less than 20 in each of the four categories at 10. The table will be broken down by three different dimensions: thickness (thickness), dolomancy (“brightness”), and color (lightness). In each dimension, I will provide the density of a pencil of that dimension (in grams per inch), the color (in %), and the dolomancy, which represents a pencil’s “brightness.”

You may have noticed that you are not reading any of these numbers in inches. That is because it is impossible in this dimension to get a denser pencil than an inch of graphite. However, we are able to add a number of inches to our density equation to get a denser pencil. So, in general, we can say that the denser a pencil is, the more you want the pencils in your pencil cases to be. Let’s start with the thickest pencils, which are

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