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A soft brush? That has a bit more resistance than most (if not all) brushes. It won’t do much, but it’s better than nothing. And a watercolor brush? You can’t even tell that was used! This is important, because watercolor paint really does become a water color in the wash.

The best tool for finishing watercolor is a large brush, one not made for watercolors—I’ll explain later. But a soft brush will work fine for this task. Or you can use the little, soft brush I am using, one of the ones that look like toothpicks, or just make your own, and do a little watercolor yourself later.

I recommend the softest brushes for the softest watercolors. The worst brushes are not very soft, even though they look soft and soft—they’ll probably not have a lot of resistance, but a light, gentle brushing action will allow all the colors to blend well.
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If you want to know how to use a soft brush, please see this video, or a video I made:

How to use a brush

The first step for this process is to get your paint off the clean rag, and onto the dirty rag, which you will be using for the wash. As mentioned, clean hands and brushes (and maybe a brush that works well for a particular watercolor, or a color that is not usually watercolor paint) are your best friends when working with this.

Step One: Clean

Here’s your first wash. Now make sure you clean your brush, by getting the whole bristles, the tip, or the base, off the rag, and holding it in place on the clean rag. Put a thin layer of rubbing alcohol on the dirty rag, and then wipe off whatever is in your brush’s bristles and on your face. Rinse well in warm water.

The first time I cleaned my brush, it was a bit messy. It took me a while, because it was full of hairs. It was then in the water, so it took longer to dry, and it wasn’t a straight line. But, it was a bit messy!

The clean brush with the bristles off can’t wash as well, it has to work in the water. Try to get as big a line as possible. Brush brush brush. Brush brush. Brush brush. You don’t want to smear your entire face. Don’t go too long

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