What is the softest pencil? – Pencil Drawing Ideas Easy Step By Step

Pronounced no-t-choo-koh. It’s the thickest pencil we’ve ever made. It’s the most flexible pencil, the softest and the deepest. It’s the pencil in life. And you know they say you’re the only person who will know if you were a genius or just a jackass. Well, I’ve seen it all.

So do I get three sets of pencils?


Where in the United States does your company make its pencils?

We don’t make them here. We get them manufactured in Taiwan. What a difference, huh? You see a lot of great pencil companies that manufacture everywhere and they just keep getting bigger, so I would say that we’re the original pencil company in terms of production, and then of size and in terms of quality.

Are your materials and components from Taiwan?

I think they’re almost all wood. I think most of the wood is American, although some can be Chinese.

So is the pencil made with Chinese wood, or American wood?

I think a considerable amount of it is American. But we’re using a variety of wood. There was a period years ago where all the parts are either made from wood or glass. And now, the majority of our wood now is glass, because the cost of glass is lower. But we use wood because it’s cheap, it’s strong … because it’s durable. Because there’s no substitute for wood, it’s very good for our paper. And it’s very good for our pens—if you cut it you can create a solid pencil and write a big book. In other words, we use lots of wood that’s great for our parts but it isn’t used in making everything else because it’s the cost advantage of wood over glass. And we think a lot of the manufacturers have taken it. It’s no longer that they were manufacturing here, but that the profit margins of the U.S. are being eroded. Not just because of competition, but because the cost of labor in the U.S. is going up. So I think companies are switching over to using wood for parts.

Do you also use an ink?
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Yes, we do. The ink cartridge has the ability to make a very fine, fine line in the center and at the tip, right on the line, and it’s the way we get the line on paper. And this helps us make beautiful

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