What should a beginner draw? – Drawing Techniques For Beginners

How much should you draw, and which technique should be used? Is it worth spending a few hours, even a few days, in the studio?

If you’re just starting to draw, it may seem intimidating to spend months on a project that may eventually take months to complete. For some people, it may even seem impossible. Even experienced professionals still find it more difficult than expected.

So how do you get started?

There are several tips which I’ve seen work for some beginner artists:

Use a sketchpad. This provides many advantages:

It’s more flexible. If you’ve designed a piece and it doesn’t fit any of your previous sketches, you can edit it without having to re-make it. You can make some corrections and replace parts where necessary.

You have a clear overview of your piece at all times. You know exactly what the piece is supposed to look like at any time.

It’s usually not hard to draw a nice illustration on paper with little pressure on your hands.

If you need to get into the habit of drawing in your notebook, get an old copy of Pencil Drawing Made Easy or Pencil Drawing Made Easy 2.0.

Don’t despair! There are plenty of other free resources online to draw on. The following links should be more than enough:

The Art of Painting 2.5 is a good resource (it can be downloaded for free) that provides a wide variety of painting techniques.

Some basic painting techniques can be obtained from the Art of Design and Illustration by A. P. A. Moles.

This free online drawing app called Adobe Illustrator 5 is available for download. It includes a free desktop version that will get you started within minutes.
How To Draw An EYE - 40 Amazing Tutorials And Examples

For many beginners, it’s very easy to learn to draw on paper and it can be repeated endlessly. After you get started with these steps, there is a lot of free online resources available for beginners, that can provide everything from basic brush work to advanced illustration.

The most important tips for beginners are:

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