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I think the most important thing to understand about drawing is that there’s no universal universal way to draw a figure.
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The first figure-making mistake is getting familiar with the shape of the figure.

Do you want to draw the body?

Do you want to draw the feet?

Do you want to draw the head?

Do you want to draw the hands and the torso?

Do you want to draw the hands, the torso and the arms?

These three things are the most important ones you can draw, regardless of what you want to draw.

Don’t think that you can draw a figure by putting them together the way you imagine them doing it. That’s not how people actually draw, and you know it.

If you want a great figure to draw, then try and draw the figure as closely as you can to how you imagined them doing it.

The same goes for the arms and the legs.

And the rest of the body.

The easiest way to draw this is by creating a diagram of what you want to show to somebody (or a group of people).

I can draw a whole bunch of things on paper that I think are better than what they show me, but what I really want to draw is to actually create something that I could feel and see in my head.

Do I have to draw what I see?


If you want to go a little nuts, try and draw what you don’t want to know about:

– The shape of the figure

– The position of any or all of the parts of the figure

For example, think about how I would draw the figure of a dog:

This is just a guess.

Try to be very close and exact.

If your sketch is too close and vague, it will get lost in the shuffle and you’ll have no idea what’s actually going on.

Think of what you’re going to be drawing before you start, so there’s no guessing in the beginning.

If you’re drawing a dog, put yourself in the dog’s shoes.

You see a dog and think, “Oh, he is a dog. That’s obvious.”

Then you look at the diagram and go, “That’s a dog! That’s how a dog should look.”

And you get lost in the shuffle.

This is

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