What should a beginner draw? – Pencil Drawing For Beginners Easy

Here are some examples:

The first question is where you will be creating the shape.

If you are creating a shape, how will you be drawing it?

An example:

The other question is what you will draw it with.

If the shape is a circle, how will you illustrate it with the pen?

The third question is how you will draw the shape in the space of three lines.

What follows are three types of pens – Round, Square, and Diamonds.

Why round?

The shape can then be illustrated in two ways:

In one way:

In a other way:

What should you think about when drawing round shapes, where it should be created and how?

Here are some examples:

The above is the shape of a football.

The second and third are the same as the shape of a football, but the first can be illustrated using just one line:

The third is the shape of a hockey stick.

How to draw a cross-shaped shape

Cross-shaped shapes are a good way to show a series of shapes.

The simplest way to draw a cross-shaped shape is as four equal parts separated from one another:

Note: The three crosses will be in one space.

In the next example, the first line:

Will show you that the first line is for the left side, so the first line on your left side is (L1).

The second line:

The third line:

The fourth line:

The fifth line:

The sixth line:

The seventh line:

The eighth line:

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The ninth line:

The tenth line:

So your left side should be (L2) (L3).

The next example:

This third line will show you where the first line, which is the only line on your right side, should be drawn:

And where the second line should be drawn.

To draw that first and third lines, how the first line should be drawn.

The final illustration:

This next example will show you that the right side should be (L4), where the line (L4) should be drawn:

Here is a good drawing of a cross-shaped shape that will not only get you started on the concepts of cross-draw

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