What should a beginner draw? – Pencil Drawing Set For Beginners

“My first rule is: always have an answer you like,” he says. “A sketch, a sketch, a sketch. Just a good sketch. It’s that simple.”

That means the artist should never draw a face or a body. And then he or she should never draw anything beyond the sketch.

“They’ll ask: I have to draw every little detail of this face or that body,” says Dominguez. “If you draw a head, someone will ask, ‘how many hair pieces do I need?’ and what do I have to do and where do I put them? I think you have to learn the art of the small detail. That’s where you learn the art of painting.”

If you’re curious the answer is a simple answer: if you know, you can draw it. If you don’t, take it to a professional.

Dominguez uses Photoshop extensively, so he’s a good reference point. He doesn’t think many beginners know how to do basic color correction, so he shows the examples on his website to help them.

“You might have to go to YouTube,” he explains. “You’ll learn that the most common way to do these mistakes is with a palette knife and the ruler.

“Make sure you get as close to perfect as possible before you begin doing them,” he says, “because if there’s one thing you can do to save yourself money it’s to buy the best palette knife possible, one with a diamond tip and a sharp edge. I don’t want to sound like a guru, but do it as fast as possible.”

That advice cuts across both fields. “In order to learn anything you have to make mistakes,” says Dominguez. “And the sooner you start learning the better.”

After that, he suggests some basic techniques. “Always work with the color theory you’re already familiar with,” he says. “The more you learn the better chance you have of learning.”

That’s why you probably shouldn’t go to art school and become a graphic designer. It’s a bit risky and the result could be anything. “The only way you can find a job is to get an internship at a big company. Because when you’re an intern at a company you get $10 an hour, and a few internships later you can make around $45,000 a year. That’s a lot of stuff to spend your money on.”

And of course, he urges

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