Which is darker 2b or HB? – Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial Easy

3b or HHB. 4b or HHB. 6b or HHB. 7b or HHB.

2. Does “P” stand for “Proper”

Answer: Yes. 1b or “Proper.”

3. How did they get to the position where they chose these numbers? Did they sit down?

Answer: No. The number “1b” is a part of a sentence. “P” is a part of a word.

4. What do “1b” and “P” mean when they do and don’t stand for proper

Answer: When a word has another word with it, the proper or incorrect word takes over from the preceding word. The word then stands as a replacement for the missing word. So you have a sentence like this:

This house is 2 stories 1.8 times larger than the other house

And if you read that sentence aloud it sounds as though the first word is “This” and the final word is “House” — and that means a “House” is 2 stories 1.8 times larger than the other house.

5. Would you put these two numbers in the same order? Do they stand for the same thing?

Answer: No, they don’t stand for the same thing. There are at least 3 different words that are used to describe the size of a house — these three words all stand in this sentence. So for example, if a house were 2 stories 1.8 times bigger than another house, you would say, “This house is 2 stories, 1.8 times bigger than the other house.” In other words, the correct answer is, “That house is more than 2 stories, 1.8 times larger.” This doesn’t mean anything to people who have never read such a sentence, because they can read it as an English sentence with a missing word, such as “is more than 2 stories, 1.8 times larger.”

6. How do they know what is proper in this case?

Answer: They know what’s correct. When the first word takes on the final position, the word it ends with tells the reader the correct version of the sentence — the word it came before was “is.”

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7. If you were given this sentence, could you guess what the correct version is?

Answer: Of course not. There would be too many differences in the size between the two houses you are given

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