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I know there are the dark and white versions of the mask/glove in the box. This may indicate 1, 2, 3 or more, just like with some of the other masks/sleeves. However, that could only be the 1st option. Some masks/sleeves may either be white or dark blue. The 2nd color could come with the black leather belt, but I don’t know what is the other option. I was hoping maybe the 3rd option was the brown black leather belt.

It does look like a 3rd option, it looks like the blue is dark blue, but the 3rd option might just be brown.

Are there any other items you would like to see included in the 3rd box?

I’ve already discussed it’s worth of the box: I’m not interested in any of the items in it that I’m already planning on getting from the 1st and 2nd boxes. There are so many more items I’d like this box to contain. In fact I’d rather end up with a box of items that were left out of the 1st box and not see a 1 or 2 items. For that reason I would not want to have any of the items in this box.
Neytiri Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS on DeviantArt ...

So, that’s it! I hope that helps at least a little, and would love to hear any other ideas on what is included in the 2nd box.

Thanks again to all who helped!

Thanks for reading,


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