Why are pencils yellow? – Pencil Rendering Pros And Cons

Why do we have to write them in orange for the most part? Well, I guess I wanted you to know that pencils look different depending on what’s being used as a writing tool. You can get yellow on a yellow-colored ballpoint or ink pen, orange on a red-colored ballpoint, and blue on a tan pencil.

I can understand what you are talking about, but I thought they were actually blue at that time.

P.S. I wonder if “Orange” actually meant “white”.

Now here’s the thing—it’s not quite true; “Orange” meant “yellow” at the turn of the century when some of the world’s most famous writers were trying to bring down an English national pastime, which led to some hilarious confusion and confusion.

Now why am I putting this on the internet? Well, I figured we’d take a look at the history of the color, not because it’s an amazing tale. You might just as well just look it up on Wikipedia, as if you could say:

So, what is orange?

It is a name given to the colors of most paints, pencils, and papers, but you likely won’t see the orange name in your next business card or phone number.

So there you go.

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