Why is drawing important? – Drawing Pictures

If you have a good memory (a talent that comes with time and experience) you’ll be able to remember the sequence of the drawings you made. You can then see them in the right order as to what they are supposed to be, without having to see them again.

But here’s the tricky thing – the longer it takes to draw the first drawing, the harder it is to remember the drawings. By the time you reach the end of the series, you’ll have forgotten what drew you to that stage in the first place. You’ll have to start over – it’s a vicious circle.

So what can you do about it? A solution comes up in this famous cartoon of a man playing the piano. The first time he plays the second one, he can still tell what the first one was. It’s a skill we can all learn.

How long the first drawing of an item is needed depends on several things: What it is; the condition of the drawing; what the item is to be; and the situation. In general, a drawing will be needed for about 60 different items, that is, around 1,000 items in a series. But this is only a rough estimate – you will see an individual drawing may differ slightly from the general rule, and may require a longer or shorter time to be completed.

The actual sequence will vary depending on the drawing style adopted – for example, the way in which a painting is done may have a big effect on the order of drawing and the number of items required.

Drawing Sequence

You’ll need:

Paper with a high quality paper (80 or 90% cotton) and a smooth surface. This is a basic material, we’ll use it later

Water to wet the drawing with (we’ll call the water a bath)

Pencil to make the background

Paintbrush to draw the object from the start

If you’re working with an acrylic medium, we recommend using a very long brush on medium/fine bristles.

The object we’re going to draw will need a size of about 1mm. If you’re drawing on a paper that is too thin for fine details, you may have to adjust the size of the object you’re drawing. We’ll talk about this later.

If you have just gotten into drawing, or if it’s your first time, you may think about how you’d get on with it.

It can be difficult to get used

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