Why is drawing important? – Pencil Drawing Easy Girl Back

You’re an author and you want some attention. You’re going to do it your way. You’re going to take the easy, safe route. You’re going to get it all you can and do it exactly how you need to do it.

Doing it just the way I want to do it is called “drawing the short straw” if you like. It is like drawing a stick figure, doing it one way with a marker that says “go.” It is really boring. Doing it right, is when a character comes to life. It is drawing your own life’s stories, like in a movie, or books.

What’s your drawing style?

Some of these things are just drawn so you can look at me as an artist. Others, where I say “yes, this is me.” I draw with the same hand that makes faces. When you want to draw something small, or to have some space for your thumb, fingers, and fore finger. It gives you that little space, or to make it look like a lot more space is left behind. When you look at what you want, a little space is lost. Even if something is huge, or super detailed. So I just do what I want. I like to stay true to my style.

Nowadays, most of my drawings are more done with acrylic, and paper. I’m not really a big fan of using pencils or marker, it’s not necessary. You can just go from whatever you draw to whatever you think you want and work on it. But in general, I do like using pencils. I always have, because it’s comfortable to work from. But if I’m working on something where I don’t have pen, I’ll use pencil.

What’s the favorite drawing medium?

It varies like people. My favorite is to draw on a wall with something. Paint or pencil and stick to it!

Do you have a notebook? A digital journal?

It varies. Sometimes, when I’m trying to draw something big, like a giant thing, I like to lay out a little notebook of paper. And I like to call these little journals, just the color. The colors make it look like you are a part of it. To see if you can do it this way, you have to do it. The notebook just gives it this big, life-like feeling of your own drawing. I like to see if I can get some life in there

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