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Or walk across a field? Do you take a picture of the Earth with your iPhone instead of your lens?


In a few weeks, that question will be answered. (This is what your average human has already been living with, after all.) But if that’s too advanced for you, I have some more ideas.

1. You Can Create A Self-Portrait With No Flash


If you’re like me, the idea of creating a self-portrait with no flash conjures images of high-concept movie-mock-ups. But self-portraits don’t have to have big elaborate backgrounds. In fact, the simplest approach is to just take a photo of yourself.

For this, you need to be creative. Your goal, as with most things you do for fun, is to make it fun for other people to do the same thing. Here’s how it goes down:

Get yourself a camera.

Use the camera’s settings to take the picture.

Save the picture as a digital file.

In the image’s file extension, put a dash sign (-) indicating that this is a “photo.”

In the camera’s menu, choose Portrait.

Choose Camera.

Click the “Open” option and the picture will be saved.

You can play around with the image to make it look different, as you please. It’s all about creativity here.


2. Don’t Play With Fire

If you’ve been to Burning Man? You know you can be a little dangerous right out there. And I’m certainly not suggesting you start putting your body in the path of fire. But this is a great tip for all your campfire adventures: Don’t try to put out a fire with your campfire. Leave that to an expert; we’re talking about burning stuff with your campfire.


It might be too close for comfort for your friends and family, but you can do it safely. And you shouldn’t be burning anything that needs to burn.

Think of the fire like the flame in a candle—kind of like the candle. If you can’t use the fire to light the other candles, use it as a lanyard or small stick to tie yourself to.

3. Don’t Eat a Barbecue


There’s no shortage of barbecue recipes online. But do you know how to

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