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Can you spin on static poles? I don’t know. Spin on them, if that helps.

Rhodri and Nils: Yes.

An artist’s representation of the Earth with the entire solar system in place. There are now only three planets: Earth, Mars and Jupiter. Credit: ESO Researchers have developed a new map that shows how far away from Earth we are in all directions relative to the center of our solar system that could help the next big space mission: the ExoMars mission. Based on the map, the amount of distance that the spacecraft needs to traverse to reach Mars is reduced by more than 30%, and the landing target for Mars could be reduced as well. The new map has a resolution of 1.9 kilometers (about 1 mile).

An international team of astronomers using ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter announced the new map today in the open access journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. The paper is titled “Earth and Solar System in space: a new map showing the radial distance from the centre to the edge of the solar system.” A version of the map is also available in the Astrophysical Journal.
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Until now, the most accurate solar system maps were based on the distance from Earth to the center of the planets. This distance (the radius of the solar system) is known in terms of kilometers, which is a good approximation for distances to the planets. But a more precise value for this radius comes from measuring the distance to the center of the solar system called the heliocentric distance, to figure out the distance to the sun. The distance to the sun is approximately 13,000 kilometers. This calculation of solar system distance is very accurate.

However, this radius makes it difficult, according to the astronomers, for a spacecraft trying to get to Mars or to fly to the edge of the solar system to arrive at or go in a straight line, or any straight line, when travelling through the inner solar system. This makes missions like the ExoMars mission highly desirable to get to Mars. However, it is already so far away from our Earth that it is impossible to travel around the solar system and still arrive safely at the closest planet, Mars.

So the distance to Mars is measured in terms of the orbits of each of the three planets. For example, the distance between the Earth and Mars is about 6,500,000 kilometers (about 3 million,000 miles) while the distance between Jupiter and our planet

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