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You must! You’re so special!”
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“Why is it called pole dancing?” she yelled and spun herself around as her hips jiggled and her breathing quickened.

“Because it makes me look like I have my own special brand of energy!”

She felt sick to her stomach. Her face reddened in embarrassment. What could she say? How could she explain? It was not as if she could blame her friends when she couldn’t explain it either, she didn’t want it to look bad for her but the truth was the people were not as good as she should have been. She was not ready for the reality of it all.

She sighed and smiled, “I’m afraid that’s just my personality. I don’t think I would be good at it, although at the moment I do enjoy it and it’s a great workout.”

A slight pause as if the words had hurt her a bit. A smile crept across her face as she realized how well she managed to be herself while still making them laugh.

“Oh yes, and how can I help?”

“Well you might find that there aren’t any pole dancers around who actually know how to pole dance, there are only so many poles. So if you want to try pole dancing then we would like some help from you.”

“Oh, I could…”

“I’m sorry you have to go and find out for yourself, I’m sure there is one right over there.”

“No I mean… I actually can’t.”

She looked around at the people that were all around her, “Really?”

“Yes, I’m only joking, but let’s be nice.” She said and pointed with her hand, “It’ll be easier if we all stop and watch this!”

She went down the stairs and as she came to the next room a small group of boys were at the pool area, many of them still naked because there wasn’t time in the game. She went into the group of boys who were waiting like zombies waiting to be killed. It was a group of five girls wearing bikini tops and leggings and a few of them who were barely wearing tops.

“Come on, let’s change! We can’t all wear the same thing.” one of them said and laughed, “What’s with the shorts?”

“Ahh just let us be the girls!” another one said and giggled “It’ll be easier

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