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The answer: it depends on what your goals are, what you’re doing and your experience. If you’re just starting out, we recommend getting into pole practice, trying pole and getting comfortable with it. Do your homework into it, check out our pole dance articles, and do whatever it takes to learn pole. If you’re working on becoming good at it, you should be at an advanced level, but you may consider a beginner’s permit, which allows anyone to learn pole without needing a license. We’re happy to help you determine the best way to approach pole and pole dance.

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Have a great time at pole dance! We look forward to seeing you there!

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The study by Hsu and colleagues studied the health of more than 25 chimpanzees that live in two areas in Zimbabwe, one of which is a wildlife conservation park and the other is a national park in Bulawayo. The chimpanzee’s living in the bush is known to be unhealthy as the species is considered to be of risk for HIV transmission.

In the study, the authors recorded all of their daily measurements for the duration of five or seven months, and then looked into the possible relationship between all of these variables as well as any other variables. These analyses were then used to draw hypotheses describing the relationship between health and behavior.

The result of the analysis was that there was a significant negative association; however, this cannot be interpreted as conclusive due to the lack of power. Further, these findings require further study as there is not enough data for definitive conclusions.

Conclusion-Practical considerations

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