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If not, why not? I’m here to help! I’m a strong pole dancing instructor. Please don’t get discouraged. It will teach you strength of will and stamina at the same time. You’ll have more fun than in any gym! I can also help you to learn pole dancing moves and dance routines. I can teach you how to hold the pole so that it is stable and you can move quickly. I can also give you tips on how to dance with it. This free lesson is perfect for intermediate pole dancers and pole dancers who are interested in learning. I will also show you how to pole dance moves and routines for beginners and intermediate dancers. Once you learn how to pole dance, then you will be able to balance and walk up and down stairs, use a variety of pole dancing poles, and perform on a variety of stages. No matter what you already know, this free pole dancing lesson is here to help you.

The lessons are all free, and there aren’t any strings or costs to attend. I want to help you improve your abilities, your balance, and your confidence. I have a strong background in pole and I’ve been teaching pole for over 25 years. I really enjoy teaching, and am always glad to help and answer questions from new pole dancers. I believe that every pole dancer should learn pole dance, and I’m willing to help you!

The class is hosted by my friend Chris Oates. Thank you very much for visiting.

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