Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Sarah Jade Pole Dancer Pics And Names

Yes No No. I am fine. I am not sure I should do something.

Tell me what I can do to make it better. Yes No No. I have a good sense of self to do something.

What do you want to do today? A class

You feel tired.

Do you want to rest? Yes No No. I want to make it better.

How can I do it? Tell me what you’re able to do. Yes No No. I want to keep trying at the same place.

I think you should practice a dance on the floor. No, I don’t want to try it yet.

How do you want to practice? I want to keep practicing at the same place.

I have learned it before. I feel that now is a good opportunity to learn it again.

I really love it when I try out different moves

What can I do to improve my technique? No? No. I’m going to wait and try something else. How can I move better? Tell me about your first practice session after school. Yes No No! I was really close though. How could I have forgotten that?

I’m glad that you came. Tell me why you came.

Am I doing right? No or Yes Yes. Why do I care?

Is it fun? Yes No No to this or not?

What should be done? Yes No No. I need to make it better.

Tell me about a time when you think you did wrong. Yes No No. I know I can do it better.

What should I do now? It’s fine, I’m going to wait. What can I make better?

What should I do? You want to continue? No No No. I like my self-development practice more.

What about other activities? Yes No No. I don’t feel comfortable enough yet. What should I do?

Minju Kim Seoul Herbst/Winter 2020-2021 - Kollektion ...
I like to practice self-improvement. Yes No No to this or not?

How can I help? No or Yes! Tell me about something else you can do, if you can. Yes No No. I must improve.

What’s next? No or Yes Yes or No! I think that is a lot more fun to do than it was on the floor.

No or Yes!

You want to try something else. Yes Yes Yes No or Yes

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