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You don’t need a scientific miracle to believe that dancing builds muscle – it’s proven that a dance performance improves mood, and the brain is more sensitive to mood as we age.

But you don’t need a scientific miracle to believe that dancing builds fat

Even the most successful people, the world’s most rich athletes, and people who have built incredible wealth don’t train to lose weight. They only train to get more fit and strong. If you’re still struggling with your fat loss or muscle gains, you’re probably not doing enough dancing.

If your goal is improving your mood, your brain, and your energy level then dance classes are more than adequate. If your goal is to lose weight then dancing classes aren’t the answer.

Why dancing has more benefits than just weight loss or muscle gains

Some people see dancing more as a cardio workout than a fat loss activity. This is true – if you dance 10 times a week you are not doing enough cardio. But your goal should be to get stronger with dance classes rather than to lose weight. If you have a strong core that trains in your dance routine then you are more likely to lose weight.

And if you want to grow muscle and build muscle mass, you want to be flexible. Dancing can train you that way.

What’s more, your dancing partner also needs to be flexible. And to get more flexible, you need flexibility – flexibility is often used in the name of strength (you’ll often see strength, flexibility, coordination, and flexibility in the same sentence together). Not only is it a good exercise, but it can actually increase your flexibility.

Your dancing partner won’t be improving your flexibility at all. The dance partner will be strengthening the body. They won’t be improving your body flexibility. Dancing will make your partner stronger – but they won’t make your partner better at being flexible.

When looking to dance the best way to build core strength is with balance movements, where your partner does your work and you rest. Don’t worry – you will be more active in your dance – in fact, some research suggests that dance can help people burn more calories while dancing.

If you want to dance with strength and flexibility, I recommend that you do core exercises (like a reverse hyper or high plank) with weights (dance classes are great for developing core strength so you can take advantage of those muscles).

When it comes time to get in shape, dancing is better than weight loss

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