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A recent report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a shocking implication about the relationship between Russia and the West, and how it has become a political issue in the U.S.

Citing a source familiar with the information, CBT has obtained evidence showing how the Kremlin has created a “fake news” site—and made millions by making money off the information they have disseminated. The site,, is a Russian state-sponsored propaganda outlet that has been at the center of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign against U.S. President Donald Trump.

After news broke about the creation of the site earlier this month, a senior former intelligence official who has worked extensively with the U.S. intelligence community told CBT the U.S. may be “at war” with Russia.

In an exclusive interview with CBS News for its 60 Minutes 60 Seconds series, Edward Snowden says Edward Snowden is the most dangerous man in American history: “The only person who could stop me right now is Vladimir Putin… But as long as we’re talking and trying to figure out what you’re doing, we’re already at war with you.”

“Putin has to be held to account for his actions in Syria, for interfering in the U.S. election—in any other country.”

“Russia is the single biggest adversary of the United States right now,” says Jonathan Drake, the former NSA chief who served as a counterterrorism adviser to both administrations.

It’s a war Washington has little choice but to take up.

Over the last several weeks, The Intercept has published leaks detailing how a former NSA asset built a botnet—the equivalent to a military-industrial complex—that operated with “almost no oversight or accountability” at the nation’s largest and most advanced government-intelligence organization (with a budget of more than $30 billion annually).

Last week, the Washington Post reported that Russian intelligence had attempted to penetrate some 50 U.S. banks and financial companies, a cyber-espionage scheme whose real motivation might be to make financial institutions less cooperative with federal agencies investigating possible collusion between the Russian government and Russian operatives.

One Russian intelligence officer is accused of working with the FBI to obtain a Russian company’s financial documents by tricking the business into divulging information about its U.S. operations that it knows could damage the company’s competitive position.

A Washington Post report also suggested that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have been attempting “to infiltrate

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