Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dance Tutorial

I never have a bad day in pole, and I don’t think that goes for any other activity.

What type of clothing do you wear?

I do yoga and work out in my spare time.

Have any personal goals you’re working towards or have you achieved?

I have goals and I’m still working on them.

What are your tips for first years?

I know this is a new experience, but I would say make the most of it!

Have any tips to the younger generation?

I do want people who are interested to come along. Just be sure to give them an opportunity to know that the dance, the music, and the environment are completely different than being in a mainstream, commercial event.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into dance?

Do what you need to do to do it in a way that is unique and fun. Go to places where you want to do it and stay a long time.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I hope this article has helped some people get started with pole dancing and I’d love for you to check out their Facebook page so you can get in touch!

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