Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dancing Classes Nyc For Beginners

Yes it does, in that one’s body gives you that energy needed. You will find that as you are getting your body ready for pole dancing – to be as strong as possible and be able to dance hard for your partner. That is it, as if you have done what is needed you will find it to be possible.

But pole dancing is more than just physically, it is also about the spirit. It is about being fully present in this new dance and dancing to the right notes. It is about feeling the magic of the art and being able to dance around your body and with your partner.

As pole dance becomes more popular and more women learn the technique, the women are getting more interested in learning it with their male partners as well. It is this increasing interest in pole Dancing which is bringing more women into it, but also encouraging all the men to get up and join in, be it dance, sports or physical activity.

Just remember, being a good dancer for your partner is the most important thing. A good partner can do anything, just like a good pole dancer can lift your back and hips and dance around you. It is this connection that is more important than even the physical contact with your partner.

One more point, women who become skilled enough with pole dancing to become proficient with a partner will have a great experience that will last for years. This is especially as their partner would not be able to control that same skill and power over again. It is better to know how you can use it together, so it may be a lifelong experience for one. Just remember that not every woman would have the same experiences with the same or the same partner.

Are you getting into pole dancing?


Yes. Yes! You are looking forward to it. Yes! Great!

Yes. You have a good pole and want to get better. No, not yet.

No, not yet. You aren’t ready to go to pole classes yet. Maybe next year.

Maybe next year. You know someone who is already a pole dancer but he/she just isn’t ready yet?

Maybe, but most definitely not yet.

Maybe, but most definitely not yet. You want to join some clubs or just try going out for a dance night?

You are excited to finally be able to dance in public and feel the energy of the music?

This is awesome. I can’t wait to be dancing and hopefully

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