Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – Las Vegas Pole Dancing Competition 2020 Form

Yes. Is it done in a circular fashion? No. It’s done in an alternating pattern which creates a lot of friction which causes the pole to spin up and down.

Dancing The Pole in the Circles

So, in theory you should be able to do this in a circle, but you’ll probably want to make sure you’ve got the appropriate equipment. I used a pair of scissors and a sharp knife because I couldn’t cut through a plastic pole. If you have a pole that’s actually solid, you’ll probably be fine using a pair of scissors to cut through it. If it’s hollow and you try to use scissors to cut it up, it’ll break. If you cut a hole in the pole it will split the end apart. If you have a large wooden pole that you want to use as a pole but it doesn’t seem to have any holes you’ll probably just have to cut a big hole in the middle. Just go and get a pair of scissors.

You could also use a big wooden board or another solid object as a pole. But you’ll probably be getting a bit of traction so don’t be too nervous about that. I made the board in the shape of a heart because it seemed like the most natural shape.

I ended up using a wooden hoop because it seemed to be the easiest to make. You can use other lengths of poles too: a big piece of string or an old ball.

Beginner spin pole routine - How to Pole Dance - YouTube
To do the circling, I used a piece of string to circle the pole with. Using 2 strings in total, I started at the bottom of the pole and worked upwards. You could also keep the circles around the pole or circle around your feet.

The most important thing is to keep your footing up. You don’t want your feet sinking into the ground. Do this by stretching the poles out, making sure all of the pole is hanging over the edge. Then you have to keep your footing even or you’ll start sliding down. It doesn’t really matter how you roll your body on the poles, it’s important to roll yourself. So do this to the best of your ability but do it until you feel like you’re okay.

If you’re having a hard time with this, it’s probably because you’re not comfortable with the sensation. The best solution is just to use small pieces of cloth and tape the circles. Just start small and slowly work up to it.

You could also use a thin piece of foam that’s

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