Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Classes In Nashville Area

“It’s a metaphor! The pole is the pole. I’m talking about the pole, the pole! I am a pole dancing pole.”

What is pole dancing?

“I don’t care what you do as long as I know I’m getting good.”

Would you like to perform this in the United States?

“Definitely. I love being on the road, so that would be awesome. I’m sure it would be a blast!”

Have you performed a pole dance in the U.S.

“Oh yeah! I have performed a pole dance at the Grammys! That’s a dream come true. Not going to lie, it was one of my happiest moments to date. That was one of my best moments, which was always the goal. Just getting to do something that people are going to take a lot of pride in, so that makes it even bigger.”

I remember seeing your show “Ridiculously Perfect” at the Grammys in 2006. Do you still perform the routine in that style?

“I’m doing it as a dance. I actually had to relearn it on the last night, but it’s great now that it’s in my routine. It’s something that I always knew how to do, and it’s a bit different than when I first started out. I’m still a bit of a wild child. I had to relearn it, especially, because it’s more like a karaoke performance now. I’m not the kind of person that sits down and lays back and listens to music. I’ve never listened to a song that I didn’t like for five minutes, which can be incredibly draining. Now that’s all about the dance.”

You recently did an episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” starring Kelly Dodd, and I asked you to explain your dancing ability to our viewers.

“It’s been really weird and cool. I think the one thing that really made it fun was when she kept taking away my arm. It’s like ‘I can’t do that!’ We have this thing now of, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t even look.’ But it was actually kind of fun. I love the fact that these women want to do something with me. They want to work with me. They want to be a part of my life and do things with me. That’s awesome to see.”

Do you have a favorite pole dance of yours

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