How difficult is pole dancing? – Keep Calm And Pole Dance Clothes

You can go to a high school dance, learn the moves, and have people comment on you. You can be in high school, but you haven’t had any experience at all. That’s the hard part.

You’ve worked on this all summer. What is life like behind the scenes?

It sucks. It’s a job. I didn’t really think about what I was going to be doing until it was time to start. I had to have this in mind in my head, which is really a lot of pressure. I don’t think that I would want it if I didn’t have to do something. It’s hard and exhausting. You have to work a lot with young dancers and they have a lot of pressure.

You have kids now, who look to you as role models, what do you tell them about being a pole dancer?

I’ve been trying to instill in them that the job is hard and that they shouldn’t let it define them, because there are so many other opportunities. I want them to see that there are opportunities out there that they can have and work hard for them and I want them to look beyond that and think about their job and how they are going to take care of their family.

Do you take time for yourself?

I do. I’ve gotten really good at being out there and not keeping my distance away from all the girls. I get so many questions and compliments, but sometimes people come back with their own questions, their own experiences. It’s fun to talk about it with them. I don’t mind getting into all the things behind it. I don’t mind the little bumps. That’s part of it.

You’re not into competitions?

Yeah, because every pole dancer that I know in the world wants to compete, even when I don’t know they do – they do – they want to compete. I think everybody knows everybody’s story. We all understand that being able to go where the people want to go and do something that they love is what people would want. That’s good for everybody.

You were just on KUWTK, right?


This is going to be your first time on the big network, right?

I’d say yeah.

Are you excited to be here in person and doing “Let It Shine” next week?

Yeah! I mean, it’s just kind of been amazing. I’m excited

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