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One of the great things about being in school is that I never have to think about it, I don’t have to think any further. I could go anywhere and do anything at night…I’m not really good at worrying too much about anything.

Do you have to dance every day?

Usually whenever it’s dark I go to the bars and try on some clothes. It’s almost like a rite of passage where you’re looking for a new pair of shoes and something is like waiting for a train. I don’t have to stop…I know I’m not good at it but it’s something I have to do to feel good.

I’m so happy I decided to pursue this particular skill in the beginning…it’s a hobby I think about in the morning. It’s hard to believe it’s actually an important career for someone who is so young. To think that someone is interested in this is a bit of a shock, but in the end I think having that passion for something is a blessing.

What about your friends and family?
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Most of them only have about 2-3 years left of school and I only have 3 years left of this one. I just want to leave this world in a better state (laughs).

Does it matter that you dance in high heels?

Not at all. Just because a girl wears short skirts, short dresses or high heels doesn’t mean she doesn’t love shoes. They make a girl feel special, it gives her confidence and looks great.

Who would you say your model is?

There are people that dress in their family style because that’s the style their parents are into. Those people make me happy because they try their very best to look beautiful even if there are things they don’t have.

What do you hope to get out of pole dancing?

Being happy, I’d just like to get better. But just thinking about it makes me want to dance even harder.

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