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Many people believe pole dancing to be the hardest form of dancing. It has an incredibly high risk of injury (especially high-impact injuries). When they tell someone they will do a pole dancer, the reaction is often “Oh this looks easy. I will learn it.” But for most people, pole dancing is still a skill that can be mastered and improved by the same person, and as much as they are not taught it, they have been given the opportunity to learn it.

Even though it can be difficult, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Pole dancing and dancing are amazing activities that offer so much.

I have always loved the music and feel that dancing and dancing music in itself, in one’s mind, is a wonderful thing. Dancing can help me be more in tune with my body, or it can be another tool in my music making, or an instrument to enhance my own creativity of creating. Many times, there’s nothing that even comes even close to being as enjoyable as a good dance.
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So, how is pole dancing in the real world different from watching a live pole dance class? Well, it helps to know the basic concepts about what pole dancing is all about. And knowing what pole dance is actually about, lets us have a better understanding of what it is that we have been doing wrong, and what we can do right to make pole dancing look simple.

What is Pole Dancing?

The basic premise of pole dancing is to jump, slide, dive, and fall into multiple poles, while still in control of your body.

It is also a very competitive form of dance. I have never seen a more passionate and aggressive crowd, or a dancer that is able to compete against the best performers. You have to be very good at pole dancing for a good person to compete against you! There are certain moves you have to know in order to do well in pole dancing.

In a pole dance class, people may be taught moves they have never tried before. They may be taught moves that are very hard to do, especially when you have to jump and slide and land. This kind of learning is done with the same rigors one might face in learning a new language, or music.

When people are practicing a skill in their free time, they might choose to practice a skill with a partner, which allows the other person to learn a different skill. This is called “partnership learning”. Some people choose to practice alone.


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