How do you do the pole dance? – Las Vegas Pole Dancing Competition 2020 Form

“It’s really easy to do. All you have to do is stand on a pole, and move your head, and the dance takes care of itself.”

I don’t know where you got this idea from, but the pole dance seems really…

“You make it easy!”

Oh yeah, I think the hardest part is getting your head on the pole and rotating it as you do so!

“Yeah! I never thought I’d actually do that!”
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Anyways, you’re gonna need two poles to do this, one for the head and one for your arms. If you want to get really fancy and build your pole out of wood you can just buy a massive piece of wood with one end and glue it to the pole, this makes it easier because it doesn’t break.

Do you feel embarrassed walking around around with a pole sticking out from your head in public?

“No…not really.”

So you’re not embarrassed about this?


Ok then, this makes sense. What does not make sense is that you would feel embarrassed about being pole dancing on the Internet. I mean, this is kind of…this is kind of a weird thing to be nervous about.

“I’m kind of nervous about everything!”

Well, you’re kind of nervous in a more natural way than I was just now.

“I can’t believe I’m supposed to feel nervous about it. Oh God…I’m so shy!!!”

This does feel weird. Is it weird that you do this kind of thing in public on the Internet?

“Yeah! I was terrified to do it in front of everyone!”

You didn’t have big concerns about me coming running after you. You came in with a big smile and a huge grin. Is that weird?

“I would never want anyone to want to come run up onto me, ’cause they wouldn’t want to see the real me. No one would want to see the real me. I’d probably look like I was walking around in a cardboard box!”

Okay…so that’s weird. If I went to make a joke about this to friends, they can get upset. Is it okay if I made a joke about this to you?

“No, I’m not saying it’s okay, but they’re like ‘what’s that joke? You guys know who you are! We’re cool!

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